How to make TV sets (E-054 — E-056)

How to make TV sets (E-054 — E-056)

Set can be used with the following AFVs:

  • Name: TV sets
  • Scale: 1/35
  • Item used: E-054, E-055 & E-056
  • Author: Stefan Frankiewicz
  • Step 1 — Drawing

    To have control over the process of sanding out the trace after pouring the resin into the mold, mark the flat part with a marker.

    Step 2 — Sanding

    Sand on a flat piece of waterproof sandpaper. Wet sanding is essential, take care of your health. Keep an eye on the line previously marked with a marker at all times to ensure that it does not start to fade.

    Step 3 — Finishing touches

    When the marker line has partially disappeared, make sure that the element is evenly sanded on each side. Do the last few strokes of the sandpaper carefully. When the marker line disappears completely, you will be sure that the detail has been worked thoroughly and flat. This is important when sticking the front and back of the TV together.]]>