About Eureka XXL

The Eureka XXL company was founded at the beginning of 2002 in answer to a requests of a modeller’s society. Many modellers asked me about items created during my over twenty year old adventure with modelling.

Some of the companies which I offered co-operation in range of distribution my articles were only interested in copying my ideas, I decided to run my own sale as: Eureka XXL — Modellers Accessories.
First patent invented on individual needs was hand made tow-cable, used in model M2A2 Bradley made in 1998. After then sets of cables have been upgraded with resin eyelets and the last undertaking was series of accessories useful in building dioramas. The offer of my company is mostly directed to shops and wholesale firms.

I wish all of you lots of satisfaction in using accessories of Eureka XXL company.

Eureka XXL - Stefan Frankiewicz