How to make a resin Wooden Water Well (ED-3505)

How to make a resin Wooden Water Well (ED-3505)

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  • Name: Wooden Water Well
  • Scale: 1/35
  • Item used: ED-3505
  • Author: Stefan Frankiewicz
  • Step 1 — Cleaning and completing

    Separate resin parts and remove thin resin remnants with sharp blade. Please, be careful, sharp blade may hurt you or damage resin part. Clean and polish joining points of resin parts with sandpaper. Use 800–1000 grade sandpaper. To separate small parts from resin sprue please scratch the line near the part. Use sharp needle and scratch the surface several times. Break the part from the sprue and sand the surface with file and polish with sandpaper. Due to dimensions of parts remember to use small amount of cyanoacrylate glue (called often CA glue). Glue roof brackets (2 & 3) to the base (1) of the well. Please check position of pins and glue it properly. Make roof from parts 5 and 6. Both parts should be joined at 90 degrees. Insert windlass (4) between roof brackets (2 and 3). Don’t glue it if you want to keep it moveable. Completed roof of the well should be glued to the wooden brackets (2 and 3). Use wire to make a crank, keep dimensions and shape shown on photo. Completed crank insert through the hole in the roof bracket and glue into the hole in the windlass (4). Bucket (7) should be fixed to the chain with use of wire. Chain should be wrapped around the windlass (4). Remaining parts (8, 9 and 10) can be placed as needed.

    Step 2 — Priming

    Such prepared well and other parts of set can be primed with Mr.Resin Primer Surfacer, Mr.Surfacer or similar primer.

    Step 3 — Painting

    Wooden wells most often were left with natural raw wood colours and wooden parts weathered with years Painted crates should be left for drying. After that you may add some weathering and make crates looking a little bit worn. When all effects are added you may install such prepared element on your kit or diorama.

    Step 4 — Weathering and finish

    Feel free to adjust appearance of the well and accessories according to your diorama weather conditions. Wooden well could look like freshly assembled but in most cases could be dusted, dirty, wet or covered with mud or snow. You may add some descriptions, damages, rust stains etc.

    Step 5 — Gallery of finished items