How to make a German 200 l fuel drums

  • Name: German 200 l metal fuel drums
  • Scale: 1/35
  • Item used: E-011 and E-012
  • Author: Stefan Frankiewicz

Each set contains 4 resin drums on various stages of “use”, photo-etched covers of the drums with different patterns and two variants of drum plunges.

Step 1 — Cleaning, sanding and masking

Separate resin parts for further cleaning and remove thin resin remnants with sharp blade. Please, be careful, sharp blade may hurt you or damage resin part. Clean and polish joining points of resin parts with sandpaper. Use 800–1000 grade sandpaper.

Step 2 — Fitting of parts

Please remember about “dry fitting” of photo-etched covers to the resin drums. If cover doesn’t fit perfectly (like in middle photo), use sandpaper and check fitting again.

Step 3 — Completing

Glue ring #1 to the plug placed on the side of the drum. Remember to use small amount of cyanoacrylate glue (called often CA glue).

Step 4 — Priming

Such prepared towing cable should be primed with Mr.Metal Primer or similar primer. We can recommend Mr.Surfacer 1000.

Step 5 — Masking and painting

Eureka XXL - (E-011) German 200 l Fuel Drums Set #1 Eureka XXL - (E-011) German 200 l Fuel Drums Set #1 Eureka XXL - (E-011) German 200 l Fuel Drums Set #1
Reinforcement rims were made of steel and brand new barrels should have these elements painted with the colour of steel. Older drums had reinforced rims covered with rust. In most cases drums were not painted and were left in their natural greyish silver colour of galvanized metal covered with zinc.