Eureka XXL News: March 2010

1/35 Ammo Sets — New product line Our new products are Ammo Sets in 1/35 scale. Highest quality brass and aluminium ammunition prepared with data taken from original manuals and photos. Each set contains separate type of projectiles with their cases and with detailed info about painting. Eureka XXL (A-3509) - 7,5 cm Sprgr.Patr.34 Kw.K.37/Stu.K.37 L/24 Eureka XXL (A-3522) - Pzgr.Patr.40/43 Kw.K.43 Eureka XXL (A-3527) - 7,5 cm Nebelgranatpatrone Kw.K.40/Stu.K.40 L/43 and L/48

News for March 2010

Apart from the ammo sets we’ve prepared several new sets and improved few older ones.

New products

Following 1/35 scale sets are released in March: Eureka XXL - ER3536 - Towing cable for Churchill Tank Eureka XXL - ER3536 - Towing cable for Churchill Tank

Improved products

You’ve informed us that eyelets in few of our 1/72 scale sets are overscaled. We’ve examined these info carefully and decided to prepare these parts once again. Following 1/72 scale sets received newly tooled resin parts: Eureka XXL - ER7203 Eureka XXL - ER7204 - Towing cable for Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf.E Tank

Discontinued products

Set ER-3504 (Towing cable for German Sd.Kfz.9 FAMO) is withdrawn from production permanently and will not be available again.]]>