E-052 — Plastic containers for paint

Overview Plastic containers for paint. If you’ve ever done a house renovation, you know it perfectly well. Container #1 is without a handle. Bucket holders #3, #4 and #5 are marked with the same numbers as the buckets. Bucket holder #2 should be made of the attached wire. For greater convenience, the holes for mounting the holder in the bucket can be deepened with a 0.3 mm drill bit. However, the bow should be shaped from a section of wire 18.5 mm long on something round with a diameter of 8 mm and should be shaped as shown in the picture.


Such containers usually are made from white plastic with colourful lids and printed names, logos and labels. The decal is applied as standard — dip the label cut from the sheet of paper for 10 seconds in lukewarm water. After waiting for a moment, the decal can be slid off the backing onto the intended place.

Set Elements

Set contains 8 resin parts to make 5 plastic containers in 1/35 scale.]]>