E-039 – Plastic Chemical Storage Drums Set#1

Overview Plastic barrels. Seen everywhere. Usually blue but also blue or blue, sometimes blue or even blue. Made from high density polyethylene (HDPE), larger are 55-gallon but size and shape is various. Such barrels are seen worldwide and are used to store everything. Quite often such barrels are upcycled and used in many interesting ways — floats, storage bins, planters, rainwater catchment and so on. If you think about innovative way of using such barrel, probably someone invented that earlier.


Blue shall be the colour of the barrels and the colour of the barrels shall be blue. Well, OK, you may see grey, black, white or yellow but standard colour is blue. Why blue? This colour become the industry standard for food storage because blue pigment has a higher UV light resistance than natural HDPE drums and… looks cleaner much longer because doesn’t show dirt or residue as readily as white ones.

Set Elements

Set contains 4 resin elements and decal sheet in 1/35 scale.


Probably the most photos you’ll find on Google searching poly drums term. Of course most will be blue but you’ll find other colours too as well as information about labels and so on. If you would like to learn more about these barrels, go to the BlueBarrel website to read excellent article History of the Blue Plastic Barrel. Do you really need more? OK, check such websites like The Cary Company, United States Plastic Corp. or Wright Containers to see more designs, colours, labels and info.]]>