E-035 Modern Russian Ammo Crates Type I for 7,62mm Ammo (for AK-47 Kalashnikov)


Modern Russian Ammo Crates. Universal set designed for 1/35 scale kits of vehicles or soldiers armed with AK-47 Kalashnikov rifle or weapons using 7,62mm rounds. Set can be used for dioramas… well, basically every diorama of every post-WWII conflict. Well, we think you shouldn’t use it on dioramas from Falkland war even in that case we are not 100% sure.


No special rules here — ammo crates are made from not painted wood and have different more or less weathered stencils. Metal elements are painted black.

Set Elements

Set contains 8 resin elements in 1/35 scale for 8 complete ammo crates.

Reference Photos