E-032 Spine Boards (US Army)


Long spine board (LSB) is device used for handling wounded in pre-hospital care. LSBs are designed to provide rigid support during transport of a patient to avoid further injuries. Most commonly are used by ambulance staff as well as by specialised emergency personnel. Spine boards are typically made of plastic, buoyant, completely X-ray translucent and light enough to be carried by one person. LSBs are designed to be slightly wider and longer than the average human body for immobilization straps fitting and handles for carrying the patient.


This kind of LSBs are used by the US Army units, often seen as additional equipment of vehicles used in modern conflicts like Iraq or Afghanistan. LSBs are mandatory equipment of Medevac vehicles such like M1133 Stryker Medevac. As any other military equipment military LSBs are made from olive drab plastic.

Set Elements

Set contains three resin elements in 1/35 scale.]]>