E-025 Modern "Eastern" Cargo Bags


Backpacks and cargo bags. Items so common in every day life that almost invisible. Stuff used by civilians in many countries but also by special units, military volunteers, during civil wars and by refugees. Basically all that you may see in modern conflicts and you will see in the future. Well, this kind of equipment will be essential in post-apocalyptic dioramas too, if you would like to build anything based on popular movies or computer games. We’ve prepared this set as “Eastern” one because it originated in Hong Kong in the 1960s and has become a representative of Hong Kong culture. Basically every family must have few pieces. From there “Red-White-Blue” (as these bags are called) spread across the South-East Asia. You may find some more information in Red-White-Blue bag. In recent times cargo bags of this type became well known in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Made from strong and durable polypropylene fabric are used for carrying really heavy load and can be folded when empty. You may see them everywhere and that’s why we’ve made our sets, slightly different than most available on the market.

Item #1

Item #2

Item #3

Item #4


This kind of cargo bags offers unlimited variants of painting. Most common are 2-3 colours stripes or grid pattern. We decided to help you with three colour schemes taken from real life cargo bags. Very talented modellers can paint such stripes or grid pattern on their own but we think that decals are much simpler way. Backpack is universal type and you may paint it whatever you like, including inscriptions, company logos or any additional badges or toys.

Set Elements

Set contains four elements in 1/35 scale (3 cargo bags and 1 backpack) and decals.


Making a resin Modern “Eastern” Cargo Bags


Photos shown below were taken in January 2015, shortly before Battle of Debaltseve. All were made by Mr Kovalenko and were posted on his Flickr account. Cargo bags were used to delivery supplies to the 40. Battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Ukrainian: 40-й окремий мотопіхотний батальйон) from Kryvyi Rih city (Ukrainian: Кривий Ріг). ]]>